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Quit Tobacco - Quit Smoking


Quit smoking can be one of the most difficult, yet rewarding for a person to do. Most smokers' say they would like to quit and may have tried at least once. Some are successful the first time, but many others try a number of times before they finally give up for good.

The following resources may help to quit. 

  • Think about cutting down/quitting
    Talk to others about smoking. Observe how non-smokers react to smokers. Observe negative aspects of smoking. Smoke in front of a mirror to see exactly what goes inside when you smoke.

  • Seek more information about quitting
    Be in touch with ex-smokers to know how they did it. Convey a friend that you're exploring healthier alternatives for smoking. When you feel an urge to smoke, wait a minute before lighting up; experience the urge totally and think of other ways to respond to it.

  • Modify your smoking risk (switch brands, cut down, etc.).
    Start a smoking journal and record when you smoke more or less than usual. Try stress-reduction techniques. Switch to a lower tar brand. Reward yourself for each risk modification.

  • Decide to quit without any date set
    Keep track of the number of cigarettes you smoke each day. Stop buying cartons; buy only one pack at a time. List the reasons you want to quit. Switch brands every week.

  • Set a quitting date
    Sign a stop-smoking contract. Sit in the non-smoking zone of restaurants and airplanes. Prepare at least three responses to your top 10 cigarette triggers.

  • Refrain from smoking for 24 hours.
    Discard all your ashtrays. Pamper yourself as much as possible.

  • Complete your first week as a nonsmoker.
    Treat yourself to daily rewards (massages, hot baths, etc.). Avoid smoking and drinking areas. Notice how much better your food tastes.

  • Complete your first month
    Begin a regular exercise program. Add one new stress-reduction technique to your activities each week. If you've been using a nicotine replacement, begin to cut back.

  • Complete your first year.
    Throw a party to celebrate!
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