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Poster Competition


You have the opportunity to make a difference by creating an artistic design on the negative health effects of tobacco use. Come and put to paper your artistic interpretation of the hazards of this habit. The poster campaign will encourage people to design the health warnings and the winning poster will be sent to executive board of the health minister council – GCC, to be used as the official no-tobacco signage on cigarette packaging within the GCC, while selected posters will subsequently be presented at a dedicated exhibition. Top 100 posters shall be taken on a moving exhibition fron1st of June. Watch out for the schedule.

To participate in poster competition send email to [email protected]


ThemeTobacco Health Warnings


The artist should aim to deliver a forceful health warning on use of tobacco. Tobacco health warnings appear on cigarettes packs and aim to stem the use of tobacco in an effort to stop the rising abuse.

Only images, which abide by the theme and depict it, will be entertained.



  1. The Design should be A4 size. Final Output should be PDF or JPG.

  2. The must be printed outside the Design Area.

  3. The artist must neatly imprint the poster title and artist’s details (name, address, mobile number, valid e-mail address and any other contact details) outside the Design Area, at the bottom.

  4. Posters should have a dynamic message. The basic emphasis would be on the picture warnings making people aware of the health risks due to tobacco use and convincing them to quit.

  5. No Copyright images, no images of celebrities, models, religious, social or political personalities. No Branding or any type of promotional activities of any brand. 

  6. Any use or abuse of any religion, nationality, ethnicity will be disqualified



  1. Send PDF or JPG format of the design to [email protected]

  2. Design file (illustrate, CorelDraw, etc) should be made available upon request.



The design will remain the property of Ministry of Health and/or No Tobacco Campaign. To be used for No Tobacco purposes only.




The judging team headed by Ministry of Health will announce winner. Winners will be awarded by Ministry Of Health. Selective designs will be displayed thorough out UAE.



Ministry of Health & No Tobacco Campaign have rights to change the guidelines or the competition or any related information.
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