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Gulf News
More than 10,000 pledge to stop smoking in the UAE


Khaleej Times
Drive to Get 10,000 Pledges against Tobacco Use


Gulf News
Smoking Kick the Habit

Gulf News
All tobacco products to be tested for content

Gulf Today
Drive to Highlight Harms of Tobacco


Gulf News
Smokers who give up habit to bring home prizes in campaign


Khaleej Times
Drive to Get 10,000 Pledges against Tobacco Use


Khaleej Times
Time for the Real Picture on Tobacco, Says WHO


Gulf News
More than 500 smokers in UAE pledge to give up smoking


Khaleej Times
Social Networking Sites Help Spread Quit-smoking Message


Khaleej Times
Campaign Aims for Tobacco-free Dubai


Al Khaleej
حملة مكثفة لإقناع 10 آلاف شخص بالإقلاع عن التدخين

Al Bayan
"الصحة " و "دبي الطبية " تنظمان حملة للإقلاع عن التدخين

Emarat Al Youm
الصحة تعزز وعي سكان الدولة بمخاطر التدخين

Emirates News Agency
No Tobacco Campaign Kicks off today

The National
Campaign to curb smoking kicks off

AME Info
No Tobacco Campaign' kicks off today

Arab Eastern

No Tobacco Campaign Kicks off today

UAE Interact
No Tobacco Campaign Kicks off today

Dubai Chamber supports No Tobacco Campaign

AME Info
Dubai Chamber supports No Tobacco Campaign

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Tobacco is the leading most preventable cause of premature death and diseases and is accountable for up to 5,000,000 deaths each year. Yet it is a growing threat, with more people falling prey to its deadly lure.

Ministry of Health (MOH) in collaboration with Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) launched a major campaign to stop smoking in the lead up of “World No Tobacco Day” on May 31st 2009. The campaign is sponsored by Green Crescent Insurance Company and conceived & executed by ExHealth.

The No Tobacco Campaign team rolled out the first phase of the  nationwide campaign from 21st May to 30th May to gain support for this initiative. The team visited shopping malls, offices, college clusters and labor camps to talk about the dangers of tobacco consumption. The campaign reached out to all communities within the UAE through a wide-ranging program which included talks, road shows, street plays, poster & art competitions programs and participation in the ‘Quit & Win’ competition.


Poster Competition


You have the opportunity to make a difference by creating an artistic design on the negative health effects of tobacco use.

Initiate by Ministry of Health, the poster campaign will encourage people to design the health warnings and the winning poster will be sent to executive board of the health minister council – GCC, to be used as the official no-tobacco signage on cigarette packaging within the GCC, while selected posters will subsequently be presented at a dedicated exhibition. Come and put to paper your artistic interpretation of the hazards of this habit. Click Here to know more about poster competition.




The Say no to Tobacco this 31st May pledging has received a tremendous response from smokers and tobacco consumers across the nation. Corporate houses like Al Habtoor Leighton Group, Ducab, Dubal, Landmark Group amongst others came together to participate.  Student hubs and residents came forth to generate awareness amongst their groups and encouraged the smokers from refraining on this day.


Quit and Win


The Quit and Win Contest, a unique initiative launched by Dubai HealthCare City, commenced on Sunday 31st May 2009, World No Tobacco Day. The contest is providing smokers with the opportunity to quit all forms of smoking through a number of support mechanisms over a four week period. A biomedical test will conclude the contest and successful quitters will be eligible to enter the draw to win major prizes.

  Those interested in kicking this habit can register for the contest by Clicking Here.
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Pledge Now

Pledge to not to smoke on 31st May. Say No To Tobacco.


I am trying to quit smoking from long time but I couldn’t, this time I will utilize this opportunity to finally quit this habit
- Jo*l

Thanking the voices of the passive smokers are being heard. The world seems to be united to fight the menace, so better future for people's health and the environment
- I**as

I am very determined to stop smoking. I joined the contest not really to win the prize but to encourage others to stop smoking and to disburse my full support to the campaign
- Al*n

Need help quitting. Never tried quitting before.
– Den**s

I join this venture to Quit Smoking and Win the heart and life of the non-smokers as well to spirit the smokers to QUIT SMOKING.
– Ge**ge

I smoke almost 15 cigarettes per day, would like to kick this terrible habit.
– Af**neh

I have been trying to quit smoking for a while, and I hope this opportunity will help me.
– Iya*

I have made the cigarette my friend for the past 10 years. I really need to get rid of my useless friend.
– S**gh

Smoke longer than 13 years. It is time and chance to quit. Group action make easier than alone.
– Yu**n

I want to quit the bad habit once and for all from my life and lead a clean and healthy life.
– Rad*a

I would like to quit smoking desperately. I hope this will motivate me as a kind of encouragement.
– A**ul

It’s really encouraging people to quite not just for the prize but to learn that people care, thanks to the campaign.
– Mu**m**d

I really want to quit, have been smoking two packs a day for seven years, and I just turned 24.  It’s a horrible habit that does nothing for me on any level and just wastes my health and money, I believe I can quit with the right motivation and support.
– Poli**

I want to join the campaign and quit smoking as well. I think, this is the best gift that I can give my wife on her birthday and on our 11 years of being into relationship.
– Ka*l

Thanks for such a worthy campaign; I ask to remain anonymous please.
- Anonymous

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