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The MOH provides its services through a managerial and technical organization that have been approved in March 1989 (Organizational Structure). This structure specifies the different sectors by specialty, department and division.

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Preventive Health Services


The MOH also paid special attention to preventive and promotive services through developing strategies and programs directed to mothers, under five as well as school children and other population groups at risk of certain health problems. Special programs have also been developed to cater for the prevention and control of infectious diseases in general and imported diseases and occupational health problems in particular. Health education and promotion is also given special attention to raise awareness and promote health lifestyles among the public.

Some of the prominent programs included in preventive health services are the National Immunization program, which succeeded in eliminating polio completely from the country. They also include the Malaria Control program and Non-communicable disease program such as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular, hypertension and obesity. The Sector also initiated a national tobacco control program to curb the tobacco use epidemic in the country. The Preventive sector includes, with reference to the suggested organizational structure of 2001, six departments which are Disease Control, Health Education, Mother and Child Health. School Health, Environmental and Occupational Health and Preventive Health Information.

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