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About - Green Crescent


Green Crescent is a publicly owned, privately operated, well capitalized health insurance provider headquartered in Abu Dhabi. Established in 2008, it is licensed and supervised under HAAD and has paid up capital of AED 250 million.

Putting “Your Health First”, Green Crescent ( offers a commitment to providing clients quality healthcare by using product innovations, technology, and a network of leading healthcare providers. Contractual agreements with Aetna and HTH Worldwide, two of the most highly regarded healthcare providers in the United States, and NAS (a leading administrative firm in the UAE) translate into convenient, reliable, and comprehensive solutions for their customers.

With an eminent board of directors, the company endeavors to change the way people have generally been viewing health insurance so far. A local company, it brings into practice international expertise and an exhaustive local, regional and international network through its associates. Education for disease prevention and effective management of chronic diseases, in an effort to make healthcare more cost effective for its members is central to its mission.




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