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About - ExHealth


ExHealth is a pioneering company with a mission to contribute to the healthcare sector meaningfully. The first of kind firm located in Dubai Healthcare City offers consultancy and services in Healthcare Media, Healthcare Marketing, Healthcare PR, Healthcare Event, Healthcare Publication, Medical Tourism Consultancy and Healthcare project and management consultancy. Aiming to achieve clients’ goal, ExHealth’s mandate is to offer creative, adoptable and result oriented solutions through its various arms-

Healthcare Media & Marketing offers media communication strategy and an elaborate result- oriented market research.

Healthcare PR Consultancy dedicatedly provides strategic stakeholder management solutions to healthcare organization.

Healthcare Conference & Event Management offers a combination of high-impact strategic event and conference consultancy.

Healthcare Management Consultancy provides high-end consultancy services for Healthcare Management and Project Management.

Healthcare Project Management designs, delivers adaptable solution and covers every project lifecycle from strategic business to life-long cost monitoring.

Healthcare Publication aims to publish avante-garde magazines and publications offering insights  into regional health sector and health trends

Medical Tourism Consultancy offers high-profile medical tourism consultancy services promoting government authorities, healthcare organizations and medical tourism facilitator.

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